Transform Your Relationship with Food and Achieve Lasting Weight Loss through Hypnotherapy"

Using guided sessions,Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy, and visualization techniques, Breakfree empower you to reach your weight goals and improve your well-being.
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Why You Should Choose Breakfree

We have highly experienced hypnotherapists with over 10 years of expertise and a large customer base of over 12,000 satisfied individuals, showcasing our program's effectiveness in facilitating positive transformations.

Personalized Approach

Breakfree provides personalized sessions and affirmations to support your unique needs and goals, guiding you towards positive change.

Professional Guidance

We offer expert-led guided hypnotherapy sessions, empowering you to overcome challenges and unlock your full potential with effective techniques.


The app can be easily downloaded and accessed on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to carry your transformative journey with you wherever you go

Safe Procedure

The sessions and techniques used in Breakfree are designed to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and weight loss without any harmful or negative effects



  • Virtual Gastric Band: Lose weight with our hypnotherapy program.
  • Personalized Hypnotherapy: Tailored sessions for quitting smoking, reducing anxiety, managing stress, or achieving weight loss goals.
  • Guided Meditation: Relaxing meditations to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness.
  • Goal Tracking: Set and track your progress to stay motivated on your journey.
  • Meal Tracking: Use the app to track how much you eat and how much you have changed your eating habits.
  • Positive Affirmations: Audio recordings to boost confidence and self-belief.
  • Community Support: Connect with like-minded individuals for shared growth and celebration.
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Customer Reviews!

"Breakfree has been a game-changer for me. The personalized hypnotherapy sessions were amazing for the weight loss. This app helped me overcome my smoking addiction and regain control of my life. I feel empowered, motivated, and healthier than ever. Thank you, Breakfree!"

Lilian Harash

"Breakfree has been instrumental in my weight loss journey. The personalized hypnotherapy sessions have changed my relationship with food and empowered me to make healthier choices. I've lost pounds and gained confidence. Breakfree is the key to unlocking your weight loss goals!"

Trey Ronalds

"I had struggled with my weight for years, trying countless diets and exercise routines with little success. Breakfree completely transformed my approach. The personalized hypnotherapy sessions helped me rewire my mindset around food and exercise. I'm now making healthier choices effortlessly, and the weight is finally coming off. Breakfree is a game-changer!"

Sarah Thompson
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