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Our Virtual Gastric Band program offers a non-surgical alternative that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a gastric band without undergoing surgery.

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Theodora Krystal


"I love Breakfree audio sessions! The hypnotherapist's voice is so calming and relaxing. The Virtual Gastric Band program has made losing weight a breeze for me because I feel full faster while still enjoying the foods I like."

⏲ 21 June 2023

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In today's fast-paced world, weight management can be a challenge. Some individuals opt for Gastric Band surgery to control weight by reducing stomach size. However, this surgery carries potential risks and reputable surgeons charge upwards of $15,000.

Our Virtual Gastric Band program simulates the effects of the surgery through hypnotherapy. This makes to make you feel satisfied with smaller portions; resulting in a significant reduction in weight.

✲ Overcome the urge to overeat.
✲ Transform your relationship with food.
✲ Lose weight and keep it off.

Top Reviews

Hailey Bedford


In just 13 months, I've lost an incredible 140 lbs with this program. The support and encouragement from the team were outstanding, keeping me motivated throughout the journey. Not only did I achieve significant weight loss, but I also gained a newfound sense of confidence and well-being.

⏲ 21 May 2023

@Laura Retana


I've lost just over 33kg with this program. The support was fantastic throughout the journey. the results have completely transformed my life. I learned to control my Emotional eating. I feel more confident, energetic, and healthier than ever before. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to achieve remarkable weight loss and lasting positive changes.

⏲ 11 January 2023

Hannah Isaacs


While my main goal was weight loss, the program has offered so much more. Although I lost 56 pounds, what I gained in confidence, self-discipline, and mindfulness is more than that. The first weeks were tough as I had to break old eating habits, but the gradual progress made it easier. I now understand the emotional triggers that led to overeating and have healthier coping strategies. The support and personalized guidance from the team were amazing in keeping me on track.

⏲ 10 February 2023



The Gastric Hypno-Band program supports lasting weight loss through suggestion, visualization, and therapy techniques that mimic gastric band surgery, resulting in a smaller stomach perception and reduced hunger for healthier eating habits..

The program utilizes psychological techniques, including self-hypnosis, to alter your perception of stomach capacity and unhealthy foods. This leads to long-term changes in your subconscious mind.

This approach helps you make lasting and positive changes, empowering you to become a healthier person for good.

Program Overview

Our Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band® package is designed as a three-week program. Included in this program are detailed instructions to guide you throughout your journey.

Week 1

You will undergo two powerful Gastric Band Hypnotherapy sessions. Additionally, you will receive helpful tools to monitor your progress, such as BMI charts, a monthly weight chart, and a weekly food diary.

We also provide valuable resources to help shift your behavior, including a weight loss questionnaire, practical tips, and engaging worksheets.

Week 2

These are the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Pre-Op sessions, which prepare you mentally for the upcoming procedure.

We also provide a visual aid to help you visualize the process effectively. As a bonus, you will receive additional content focused on enhancing relaxation and building resilience.

Week 3

We delve into the core components. You will experience Hypnotherapy sessions that cover the surgery and post-op stages, ensuring comprehensive support throughout your journey. Additionally, we provide a booster session to reinforce your progress.

Bonus Sessions

You will also receive valuable tips for the post-op diet, strategies to overcome plateaus, and bonus meditations designed to promote deep relaxation, eliminate stress, and enhance success visualization.

The Problem with Diets!


If you've been on diets before and find yourself regaining weight, you're not alone in wondering, "Why do I always gain weight again?"

Diets often fail to achieve lasting weight loss as individuals resort to extreme diets or unrealistic exercise routines. The root of the problem lies in the emotional connection we have with food and dieting.

Our Hypnotic Gastric Band Program® goes beyond physical appearance by empowering you to control portion sizes and reduce food intake. By adopting healthier eating habits, you will experience improvements in both your physical and mental health.

Active Support Community


By joining you will receive exclusive access to our Empowerment community, where we have over +33,000 active members every month.

Benefits of Joining Our Group:

✓ Private Group Access

✓ Supportive, and Motivating Like-Minded People

✓ People to Hold You Accountable

✓ Make New Friends on Your Weight-loss Journey

✓ Optional Anonymous Posting

More Reviews


Lilian V. Harash


Breakfree has been a game-changer for me. The personalized hypnotherapy sessions were amazing for the weight loss. This app helped me overcome my smoking addiction and regain control of my life. I feel empowered, motivated, and healthier than ever. Thank you, Breakfree!

⏲ 21 June 2023

Lara Kruger


13 Pounds and counting!!! Lets go..

⏲ 19 June 2023

Lily Adams


I must say, it's been the most fantastic decision I've ever made. I lost 5 kg in just about 6 weeks and to top it off, I can't believe how much more relaxed I feel. The team is truly exceptional, and the advice they've shared has been nothing short of invaluable!

⏲ 10 June 2023

Ayanda Mabaso


I thought this platform was for scheduling a gastric band surgery, realized it wasn't after paying. Despite the misunderstanding, I received a refund and appreciated their professionalism and quick resolution

⏲ 05 June 2023

Ethan Wong


I love it!

⏲ 04 June 2023

Frankie Thomas


Horrible, App was down the whole yesterday! I needed my session for anxiety before a meeting

⏲ 02 June 2023



Three weeks in, and I must admit, I was quite skeptical at first. But now, I feel fantastic! My thought patterns and mindset have undergone a significant transformation. I've dropped more than 11 pounds, and my meals are now much smaller, yet I feel completely satisfied. It's truly remarkable.

⏲ 22 May 2023

Sophia Leblanc



⏲ 19 May 2023

Lorah Jackson


The program helped me develop better eating habits, and I appreciate the non-surgical approach. While it's not a quick fix, I've seen some positive changes in my portion control.

⏲ 02 May 2023

Connor Fourie


I appreciated the non-surgical approach, but progress was slower, and personal commitment was required.

⏲ 20 April 2023

Emma Van Zyl


I lost 7kgs in 6 weeks. I love it

⏲ 19 April 2023

Zanele Mthembu


While it demanded personal commitment, it offered a potential path to long-term positive change, making it a valuable option for those seeking a non-invasive approach to weight management. Pros: Non-surgical approach, addresses emotional attachment, promotes sustainable habits. Cons: Slow progress compared to surgery, personal commitment required. .

⏲ 10 April 2023

Nandi Dlamini


During the first few weeks of using the Virtual Gastric Band program, I found it quite challenging to adjust to the changes. Once I got through the initial hurdles, maintaining the new habits became more natural and enjoyable. I have lost 9kg since I started, 3 months ago. But of that 9, I lost 5kg in the past 4 weeks. Overall, I would rate the program 4; The initial weeks were tough, but it definitely gets easier with time. The results are worth the effort.

⏲ 19 March 2023

Mandla Zwane


Amazing. I love the voice. I find it so soothing! I have become addicted to the sleep sessions.

⏲ 11 March 2023
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Bonus Sessions



In addition to our groundbreaking Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy program, we're thrilled to introduce a range of exclusive bonus sessions, all conveniently accessible through our dedicated app, designed to further enhance your well-being.

Deep Relaxation Hypnotherapy

Experience deep relaxation and peace.

Take time for yourself to clear your mind.

Feel calm in all areas of your life.

Stress Relief Hypnotherapy

Relieve stress and tension.

Find inner peace in stressful situations.

Regain control of your life.

Building Resilience with Guided Meditation

Develop the ability to bounce back from challenges.

Embrace change and grow through life's ups and downs.

Visualization for Success with Guided Meditation

Use guided visualization to focus your mind on positive outcomes.

Enhance performance and find relief from anxiety.


Package Includes


◉ Virtual Gastric Band® Sessions

◉ 100+ Extra hypnotherapy Sessions

◉ All Material and Progress Trackers

◉ Access to our Community Group

◉ Instruction Manual

◉ 24/7 Support